Monday Marvel: Deb Bryant

I can’t believe that the inaugural South Side Art Market is only two weeks away. Time to introduce you to yet another wonderful participant. Deb Bryant does something very close to my heart, next to her own art. She lets children experience art and I think that is a great gift to them and secretly to yourself as you can watch them enjoy themselves.deb-bryant

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Debra Bryant, I am a mum to two very active boys, wife to a very supportive husband, art teacher, artist and business owner and Creative Director of Tiny Art, Morningside based art school for children aged 2-12.  Our local school is dedicated to helping kids learn, play and express themselves through art. Tiny Art has been running over 5 years and is ideal for kids with big imaginations keen to discover the world of art in a fun and unique environment.  I’m very fortunate to work with a team of talented artists and teachers sharing skills and ideas with children.  I’m very passionate about introducing art to children from an early age as I believe that it can develop their confidence, problem-solving skills and fine motor skills and give them a developmental head start physically, emotionally and intellectually.

What is your medium and the kind of art you make?

I enjoy dabbling in all types of art making, but I especially love screen printing and collage on paper and canvas using my own painted textured papers.  I love art nouveau, art deco, lead lighting, stained glass, mosaics and at the moment I am obsessed with birds and flowers.deb-collage-birds

Where do you find your inspiration?

When I plan and prepare projects and lessons for our students’ classes, workshops and art parties I find that I am inspired to start creating my own artworks from research, investigation and practice.deb-leadlight-window

Can you give us an exercise that helps you either warm up, loosen up, get unstuck or has a wonderful memory?

I really enjoy going to cycle class or going for a run, I go on autopilot and this is when creative ideas start popping in my head.

You can find Deb Bryant here:tinyartlogo



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