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Organising is taking a backseat

Organising my work space has taken a back seat. And even though I was well on my way, other parts of my business are more important and are taking over my tidied spaces. You know I am okay with that for now as I know that I enjoy teaching the workshops that I am preparing. I am excited about the houses I am creating. And I have something else I get to work on that I will tell about early next month, so all is well…..

Here I am in my indoor workspace for a Facebook challenge #studioSaturday  of the #ThriverCircle me and my work space

new table

Organizing: where does the time go?

It was my intention to finish of my making office and show you my drawing/paper area all neat and tidy. Sorry that did not happen…. There are so many different things I want to work on at the same time I have to prioritise the making over the organizing. Some of you will now stagger and say, but if you are organized every thing else happens so much faster. Not necessarily for me. Just like my messy professor at university, I seem to know which thing to lift to find what I am looking for.

In the mean time though I have continued working on a print for my chair (not totally happy yet though). And my dear husband has made me a little table from pieces that were lying around doing nothing, but taking up space. It also organised the empty space next to the sofa that used to be filled with craft books. The frame is from an Ikea side table, so I could call it an Ikea hack. …

sewing corner

Should I join the pegboard revolution?

messy sewing cornerOn my to do list for organisation this week was my sewing corner. And last week I showed you my solution for the small bits and pieces. I am happy with those, they look cute. But on my quest of organising my sewing space I keep on seeing these amazing pictures of pegboard organising. The pegboard totally fits with organising in the vertical way and check out these beauties;

All of them mouth wateringly wonderful, but they require an investment and I promised myself I would try not to spend money. Still using the vertical space sounds like the best option. Hence I started to look in our shed to see if we had something that would hold the hooks, that are also used with the pegboards. The hooks we do have curtesy of the making corner of the girls.

The thing I found in the shed was one of the sides of the girls baby cot. I measured and I tried the hooks and now it adorns the wall next to my sewing machine. The hooks are slowly filled with scissors and other paraphernalia, I think the vertical storage is working for me…

storage jars

Sewing Storage Jars

from empty jar to storage jarIn my quest to organise my house, my sewing corner is on the menu. Looking at all the different little bits that I use while sewing it makes me wonder where to put them.

On Pinterest I have been looking at a lot of beautifully organised sewing rooms, that make you envious. I want something that not only is organised, but looks nice too. There is another project on Pinterest that has caught my eye. Storage jars with little animals on top, home made. I reckon I can do that and put my buttons, rings, buckles etc. in there. The little animals are plastic and I read you find them preferably at an op-shop. When I go to the op-shop though I find a bag with little wooden men, that I really like and that are now on top of my storage jars.materials


  • wooden figurines
  • empty jars
  • spray paint
  • screws

Lucky for me I had already started to collect empty jars, from jams, pickles and sorts to use for mixing my own print paint colours. Some of them were now collected for a more superior job. I made sure the lids were clean and started to spray paint them outside as it is important to be in a well ventilated area. finished jarsOutside can be a struggle though if the wind works against you. I used cake cups to keep the jar lids elevated to be able to reach every where with the spray paint. It needed several thin layers to cover the advertisements on the lids.

Once the different layers are dry I attached the wooden figurines with a screw to the top of the lid to finish it of. They are sweet.

chair up date

Organising leads to…

I am really happy with the progress I have made so far in my baby step program of second office chairorganising. But organising my stuff means I come across all kinds of unfinished projects. One of these projects effects the look of my workroom and thus I feel like I can take a break from tidying and spent some time making.

Behind the computer desk sits a proper computer chair, but behind the drawing/sewing table stands one of my chair rescue projects. Yes I have a confession to make, Isanding and painting love chairs and I like to (wish I had more time to) do them up. The chair needs a total make over and I finally started it. I sanded the wood and painted it, because as it turned out there were different kinds of wood on the base. Now I need to upholster it with a nice graphic screen printed by me fabric. The last bit still has to be done and there are plenty of ideas running through my head, but with a long weekend in front of us I might be able to promise you the result next week. legs have changed now the body

Organising Baby Steps: 5 lessons

I have managed to find another bit of time to organise my workroom. Last week I managed to tidy our desk and I am proud to let you know it is still spacious and tidy. This week I promised myself to tidy/clean/organise my sewing trolley. As you notice I try to do little projects as to not get overwhelmed and I think it is working for me. I didn’t really follow somebodies organising strategy this week, but here are some bullet points as to the things I have learnt while organising this week.

  1. If you are an organising novice, like me, choose a small project, as it always takes more time then you think.
  2. Have three piles, keep, give rid of, get rid of
  3. Be honest with yourself about things. Are you really going to use it or finish the project? Oh and I tend to keep everything I make, which is also not necessary.
  4. Tidy without the kids that feel that everything can be used to craft, otherwise your stuff will become their stuff and only make a mess somewhere else.
  5. Don’t think that throwing stuff out entitles you to buy new stuff. You probably have containers and boxes enough to organise your things, just make sure you find them in time. (which is a lot easier in an organised house;-))

Good luck with your next baby step. Mine turned out well. A new place for the trolley (closer to sewing machine) and finally easy access to the step to get to the to shelf.


organising with labels

Are Creative People Organised?

Above my very untidy desk I blue tagged a card with the saying “Creative Minds are rarely my messtidy.” There is no attribution. I have stuck it there to remind my husband to expect a mess when I am at work, but he doesn’t like it.

The other day I had a discussion with one of my friends about the things I try to accomplish. She mentioned that my main product (hooks) have to do with hook for desk keyorganisation and that organisation is a thing that lots of others are interested in. A way to connect with like minded people or potential customers would be to talk about organisation.

This remark stuck, but I also realise that I am in no way a guru in the land of organising. Nevertheless I have accepted the challenge and have decided to talk about organising stuff mainly. But you never know I might get so good at it that I feel comfortable talking about organising life and so on and so forth. I am going to take you on my journey of reading about and organising my space, other peoples advice and some niftytidy desk crafts to make all that organising a bit more fun. If everything else fails, meaning I can’t keep it up, I have at least made one person happy for a short term as I have tidied our computer desk and my husband is over the moon.

My organisational inspiration came from Wikihow to organise your desk

P.S. I have never believed before and after pictures very much as you can make as mess in minutes, even if you are a neat person. So, you are going to have to belief me that these are real, or you could always ask my husband…