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Monday Marvel: Alana Bosgra

It is time for the Monday Marvel. On 20 November of this year the first Southside Art Market will take place. I will be part of this wonderful initiative from Debra Hood. As I can not wait to meet all these lovely and talented people, I have invited my fellow market artists to introduce them on my blog so you and I can get to know them. This week Alana Bosgra from Lani’s Art.Alana Bosgra

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Alana Bosgra (or Lani) and I am a 22-year-old social science student/ childcare worker/ artist based on Brisbane southside. I love all things quirky, I LOVE dogs, and I am a big fan of afternoon naps.

What is your medium and the kind of art you make?

My art focusses on storytelling, promoting awareness around mental health, and using art to healthily communicate emotions and thoughts.

I primarily create colourful drawings using Prismacolor pencils and a biro.

I am using my background in social sciences and mental health to drive my art practice and to spread my favourite ideas:

Art does not have to be about skill but instead the experience and process of creating.

Art should be available to everyone, not just those who have studied it or understand it technically; also that art serves a purpose; to bring peace, calm and understanding to what can at times be a tumultuous life.

Art tells stories, it allows for interesting communication, it connects us not only to our own story but to something bigger than ourselves. Pride

Where do you find your inspiration?

Life is inspiration. Bits of overheard conversations on the bus, strange concepts that I come across, music, my own emotions, and I also draw upon my faith for ideas and as a base for why I do what I do.

Can you give us an exercise that helps you either warm up, loosen up, get unstuck or has a wonderful memory?

If I feel like creating but have no conceptual idea, I grab a biro and literally just draw whatever random things pop into my head. Usually patterns, doors, houses, mushrooms, eyes- they are my go-to objects. This helps me unwind and get in a relaxed headspace! Those Rascal Thoughts Can't Make You Drop Your Gaze

Photo 1: Alana Bosgra; Photo 2: Pride; Photo 3: Those Rascal Thoughts Can’t Make You Drop Your Gaze

You can find Alana here:

Instagram @lanisarty

Online store:


She will also be at the Southside Art Market on 20 November in Morningside. Hope to see you there.


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