School holiday challenge

during this holiday the girls and I are exploring Brisbane through travel journaling and the internet. Today though we went in real life to the Mt Cootha Botanical gardens for some exploring, some sketching and some photography.


Evening off

After a wonderful exhibition week, I’m taking the evening of. Tomorrow I will post the 15 minutes.image

I want to thank everyone who came to visit, who supported me through messages and at home and those who were able to purchase my art. I hope you will enjoy the work in your home environment.

Special thanks to Kelly Southee, who gave me the opportunity in her very special studio. And last but not least my caring husband, taking care of my beautiful daughters.

It’s not just making the Art

i’m lucky that I’m not working on my own for this exhibition. I found a group of three other women working their way through this wonderous world of creativity. And that results in bigger and hopefully better exposure. Getting excitingly nervous or is it the other way around….

Exhibition is hung

today has been crazy, as Kelly and I have been busy hanging our show. Looking at subject and colour and size, we think we are offering a beautiful and varied exhibition. Hope to see you there on Saturday.

Pool Studio, Taunton st, Annerly

opening 10 September 14.00-17.00

Exhibition is keeping me busy

I love that I was invited to join in the exhibition “home is where the art is.” It is keeping me really busy though and doesn’t always allow me to prepare my blogs as well as I would like. Here a bit of what keeps me busy, framing, photos and titles.

Starting my dioramas

Monday Musings

Last week I made my first candles ever. While making photos for my social media I used one of my own house blocks. This has resulted in an other way of presenting them at my exhibition next month. Miniatures

I’m working hard on some dioramas. Going around op shops for miniature animals and objects and making some stuff myself. Finding twigs and rocks and basically having even more fun. Beer bottle cap table

Dont forget, if you live in the Brisbane area to drop by at the Pool Studio in Annerly 10-18 September. Starting my dioramas

Monoprint with mixed media

Looking at Framing

As I am working on the exhibition, I also have to look at framing.

Framing optionThis is an ikea option that I quite like for my work, as it leaves room for the work to be. The “wooden” frame, is visible, not too harsh. Let me know what you think.

P.S. Oh yeah that is me next to the picture. I’m trying to get used to looking at myself 😊.

Mixed media piece

I will be having an exhibition.

Today I met with the wonderfully and delightful Kelly Southee. She is a painter of local landscapes. One of her subjects is buildings old and forgotten. She captures them before they get torn down and forgotten. They are bright and alive. Monoprint with mixed media

I met her a couple of months ago at a gathering and the ladies at our table hit it of and now we meet once a month to keep each other accountable. At these meetings we show each other what we are doing and this resulted in Kelly asking me to exhibit with her in her beautiful studio. House blocks

Now we are planning and I am learning about setting up an exhibition. It is all very exciting and I will keep you informed. The title has been decided “home is where the art is”. The subject matter “home”. The dates 10-18 September. Keep posted for more details. Mixed media piece