15 minutes of drawing: house collages

paperlove course continued with words, but I have kept on making collages.


15 minutes of drawing: and collage

as a present to myself, I have signed on to Rachel Hazels e-course Paperlove. I am thoroughly enjoying myself with the different exercises and looking at other students work. Last week was all about collage. Of course she told us to practice a lot. So this month I am challenging myself to incorporate collage into my 15 minutes of drawing.


Marvel exercise: Rest

Monday I introduced you to Debra Hood, a wonderful Brisbane artist and the brains behind the Southside Art Market. My Monday Marvels all get the same 4 questions and the 4th question is about an exercise they recommend.13754420_1123875387687356_1475811434569875472_n

Debra Hood did not really give an exercise, but let us know that her inspiration or solutions to art problems come to her when she is in the twilight between awake and sleep. I interpret that as give yourself the time to be still and listen to yourself. For me those moments not just happen when I go to sleep. I often go for a walk or take a shower to take myself away from the canvas.

When or in what state do you get breakthroughs’ in your work?

Artists Exercise: Alana Bosgra

Alana chooses to doodle when she hasn’t a clear plan when she wants to create. Mushrooms

The other day my daughter wanted to make a collage. Moreover she wanted me to create with her. There was nothing inspiring me. Then I had to think of Alana’s exercise and I started to draw mushrooms. Here are the results…. At least I was loosened up:-). Drawing with mushrooms

School holiday challenge continued

My girls might be even more excited about crafting then I am. I set the challenge up so that we didn’t have to work on it every day. But so far they have been asking me every day for it and when we can’t they are really disappointed. image

So here a few more impressions. The wonderful thing about journaling, you work on it when you want to and can come back to it when ever you have time. Enjoy the process.