Monday Marvel: Southside Art Market


We are all working really hard to get ready for the inaugural Southside Art Market. Over the past couple of Mondays I have introduced you to some of the artists that will be showing their work besides me. Here are the links to their stories;

Monday Marvel: Kelly Southee

Monday Marvel: Alana Bosgra

Monday Marvel: Debra Hood

Monday Marvel: Deb Bryant

But there will be many more. I will be there too, showing mixed media pieces and screen printed items. Hope to see you on 20 November at Morningside School of Arts, Cnr of Wynnum and Thynne Rd, Morningside.



Monday Marvel: Deb Bryant

I can’t believe that the inaugural South Side Art Market is only two weeks away. Time to introduce you to yet another wonderful participant. Deb Bryant does something very close to my heart, next to her own art. She lets children experience art and I think that is a great gift to them and secretly to yourself as you can watch them enjoy themselves.deb-bryant

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Debra Bryant, I am a mum to two very active boys, wife to a very supportive husband, art teacher, artist and business owner and Creative Director of Tiny Art, Morningside based art school for children aged 2-12.  Our local school is dedicated to helping kids learn, play and express themselves through art. Tiny Art has been running over 5 years and is ideal for kids with big imaginations keen to discover the world of art in a fun and unique environment.  I’m very fortunate to work with a team of talented artists and teachers sharing skills and ideas with children.  I’m very passionate about introducing art to children from an early age as I believe that it can develop their confidence, problem-solving skills and fine motor skills and give them a developmental head start physically, emotionally and intellectually.

What is your medium and the kind of art you make?

I enjoy dabbling in all types of art making, but I especially love screen printing and collage on paper and canvas using my own painted textured papers.  I love art nouveau, art deco, lead lighting, stained glass, mosaics and at the moment I am obsessed with birds and flowers.deb-collage-birds

Where do you find your inspiration?

When I plan and prepare projects and lessons for our students’ classes, workshops and art parties I find that I am inspired to start creating my own artworks from research, investigation and practice.deb-leadlight-window

Can you give us an exercise that helps you either warm up, loosen up, get unstuck or has a wonderful memory?

I really enjoy going to cycle class or going for a run, I go on autopilot and this is when creative ideas start popping in my head.

You can find Deb Bryant here:tinyartlogo


Marvel exercise: Rest

Monday I introduced you to Debra Hood, a wonderful Brisbane artist and the brains behind the Southside Art Market. My Monday Marvels all get the same 4 questions and the 4th question is about an exercise they recommend.13754420_1123875387687356_1475811434569875472_n

Debra Hood did not really give an exercise, but let us know that her inspiration or solutions to art problems come to her when she is in the twilight between awake and sleep. I interpret that as give yourself the time to be still and listen to yourself. For me those moments not just happen when I go to sleep. I often go for a walk or take a shower to take myself away from the canvas.

When or in what state do you get breakthroughs’ in your work?

Monday Marvel: Debra Hood

It is high time to introduce you to the remarkable woman who took the initiative for the South Side Art Market, here in Brisbane. Debra Hood is the brains behind the market and all participants are looking forward to the inaugural market on the 20th November in Morningside. Please find all details on their Facebook site.debra-hood-city-cat

Q1) Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Debra Hilda Hood. Now I am a “mature” woman, I can confidently reveal my middle name, which for years I kept hidden in the broom closet! I live on Brisbane’s southside and am passionate about painting Queenslander homes on colour filled canvases in a simple effort to honour the architectural heritage of inner-suburban Brisbane. I relish the chance to do quirky  retro still life paintings as well…lots of colour and clashing patterns.  I love coffee and afternoon naps too!

Q2) What is your medium and the kind of art you make?
Most of my work is Acrylic on Canvas that are personalised works and when I get a quick moment between these commissions, I sneak in some type of Public Art Project. These large outdoor community projects provide a lovely break from my study work which is 8-10 hours painting per day, Min 5days/week. The majority of my painting is done from 6pm – 1am..these hours provide the most satisfying work time for me and often I will paint right through the night.debra-hood-apples
Q3)  Where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration is generated at a very local level and is really twofold. Firstly, a complete love of the iconic Queenslander houses that abound in inner Brisbane suburbs and in recent years, an urgent desire to capture these buildings before they are pulled down to make way for so called development. Sadly, the face of our suburbs is changing so dramatically at present and pretty soon these gorgeous buildings will be in our nostalgic past…..our unique Queenslander identity gone.
Q4) Can you give us an exercise that helps you either warm up, loosen up, get unstuck or has a wonderful memory?
I don’t really ever get stuck for ideas. After painting full time for the last 20 years, have learnt to have commitment and dedication to go to work in the studio every day.  Often when settling to sleep, ideas will become centred and clarified…. these are very exciting Eureka moments and they are all crazily and forever, floating around in the back of my head waiting for the day when I can make them real!debra-hood-triple

Artists Exercise: Alana Bosgra

Alana chooses to doodle when she hasn’t a clear plan when she wants to create. Mushrooms

The other day my daughter wanted to make a collage. Moreover she wanted me to create with her. There was nothing inspiring me. Then I had to think of Alana’s exercise and I started to draw mushrooms. Here are the results…. At least I was loosened up:-). Drawing with mushrooms

lani's art

Monday Marvel: Alana Bosgra

It is time for the Monday Marvel. On 20 November of this year the first Southside Art Market will take place. I will be part of this wonderful initiative from Debra Hood. As I can not wait to meet all these lovely and talented people, I have invited my fellow market artists to introduce them on my blog so you and I can get to know them. This week Alana Bosgra from Lani’s Art.Alana Bosgra

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Alana Bosgra (or Lani) and I am a 22-year-old social science student/ childcare worker/ artist based on Brisbane southside. I love all things quirky, I LOVE dogs, and I am a big fan of afternoon naps.

What is your medium and the kind of art you make?

My art focusses on storytelling, promoting awareness around mental health, and using art to healthily communicate emotions and thoughts.

I primarily create colourful drawings using Prismacolor pencils and a biro.

I am using my background in social sciences and mental health to drive my art practice and to spread my favourite ideas:

Art does not have to be about skill but instead the experience and process of creating.

Art should be available to everyone, not just those who have studied it or understand it technically; also that art serves a purpose; to bring peace, calm and understanding to what can at times be a tumultuous life.

Art tells stories, it allows for interesting communication, it connects us not only to our own story but to something bigger than ourselves. Pride

Where do you find your inspiration?

Life is inspiration. Bits of overheard conversations on the bus, strange concepts that I come across, music, my own emotions, and I also draw upon my faith for ideas and as a base for why I do what I do.

Can you give us an exercise that helps you either warm up, loosen up, get unstuck or has a wonderful memory?

If I feel like creating but have no conceptual idea, I grab a biro and literally just draw whatever random things pop into my head. Usually patterns, doors, houses, mushrooms, eyes- they are my go-to objects. This helps me unwind and get in a relaxed headspace! Those Rascal Thoughts Can't Make You Drop Your Gaze

Photo 1: Alana Bosgra; Photo 2: Pride; Photo 3: Those Rascal Thoughts Can’t Make You Drop Your Gaze

You can find Alana here:

Instagram @lanisarty

Online store:


She will also be at the Southside Art Market on 20 November in Morningside. Hope to see you there.

artists exercise

Artists Exercise

When Laurene from CF Photography feels she gets stuck in an assignment, she starts concentrating on details. The focus of the lens goes to a big toe or a dimple. She tells this to us in her Monday Marvel. So today I have given myself that very exercise and as my children are in school and my husband at work I was looking for another model.

Luckily we have a cat and more over she is fairly social and not intimidated by a big black box. Yes I did use my SLR for this instead of the iPhone, although I think you can also do this exercise with your phone. As my back up plan I used the tree in our front yard. It is a grevillia, that looks awesome when in bloom, but I find it hard to convey that in a photo. Hence trying it with Laurene’s top tip.

It was fun, it wasn’t too hard and definitely worth trying. You will find beauty in cats feet or just a sprig against gorgeous blue. It is an exercise in looking and seeing and that is very important when you want to create things. So thank you Laurene it was fun.

cooper-fox photography

Monday Marvel: Laurene Cooper Fox

My wonderful friend and photographer extraordinaire Laurene is todays Monday Marvel. She loves what she does and that shines through in her work. If you live in South East Queensland and are looking to capture your family give her a call/send her an email.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Laurene Cooper-Fox. I have 2 cats, 2 children and a husband. We own our own photography business that we run from home.  cooper-fox family photography

What is your medium and the kind of art you make?

Photography, I find art in families and babies. It’s a pretty fun kind of art when you get to snuggle and dress up newborn babies or snap a family as they have a big cuddle.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Sunlight is inspirational for me. Light is a big part of our business, natural and studio. I love the sunlight in the late afternoon, the golden glow in the trees. Light doesn’t have to come in large portions, it can be small amounts of light that catch the silhouette of a couple in love or a mother awaiting the arrival of their baby.

Other photographers are also inspirational to me, I like to see how other photographers view the world, use colour or create curiosity. My Facebook feed is filled with other photographers work, not to compare or criticize but to learn and be inspired by new ideas. cooper-fox family photography

Can you give us an exercise that helps you either warm up, loosen up, get unstuck or has a wonderful memory?
Sometimes I get stuck in looking at the big picture and forget the smaller things. I will take my camera and focus on the little things. Ants on a path, close in on my sons eyelashes or looking at 1 small aspect of a larger object like just a small portion of a large gum tree. It is a good reminder that getting a close up of a sons hand nestled in his mothers hand or the toes of a newborn baby are as powerful as a family laughing in the sunlight.

Monday Marvel: Kelly Southee

Monday Marvel: Kelly Southee

From today I am going to try and introduce you to some marvelous people that are creative in some form or an other. They are people I know or I admire or do something wonderful. One of the questions I ask them is an exercise that they like to undertake to loosen up or get inspired. I will then try this exercise (and hopefully you with me) to see what happens.

cityscape mini seriesToday I want to introduce you to the wonderful Kelly Southee, whom I met by chance and we hit it of. She then invited me to come and join into the exhibition “Home is where the Art is”, that will take place from 10-18 September at her Pool Studio Gallery in Annerly, Brisbane.

> Can you please introduce yourself?
I am a kiwi born artist.  I moved to Australia in 1981, straight to the
booming mining town of Dysart in Central Queensland. Ten years later,
after completing country schooling I came down to Brisbane for
university. I became an interior designer and worked in corporate
fitouts during the 1990’s. I always sketched and painted as a child.  I
have picked up that passion again, initially as a way of offsetting the
demands and challenges of raising a family. Now I feel compelled to
paint to keep me grounded and always curious.

> What is your medium and the kind of art you make?
I’d have to say that art has always been central to my life. I like to
respond to things going on around me: the landscapes I have lived in,
the buildings that I pass by often…  Initially I  used oil paints and
concentrated on pure landscapes, but in recent years I have turned to
soft pastels, and acrylic paints. Both of these I can use en plein air,
sketching on location in the wilderness, or back in the studio after
gathering inspiration around the city. I like to rapidly capture scenes,
within a few hours or a day. If a piece doesn’t work out, I start a new
one, rather than over-work and loose the sense of immediacy and energy
that I think is important to convey. yellow house on Caxton Street
> Where do you find your inspiration?
Inspiration is forever cropping up!  I keep seeing new painting scenes
and make a mental note to return to sketch or take reference photos:
such as urban trees, views of stunning skies, the play of light and
shadow on a house or a fence. The ordinary but the extraordinary. Out in
the wilderness I like to set up a travel easel or sit on a rock and that
time away from the city is invaluable to keep me painting for the months
ahead. I move from mountain scenes to city landscapes…

> Can you give us an exercise that helps you either warm up, loosen up, get unstuck or has a wonderful memory?
A good exercise that I like to do to warm up and get into the swing of
painting or drawing is to tape paper or canvas to 3 to 4 boards, and
work a little on each piece, not overdoing any one piece each time.  I
place the other works in progress off to the side and can sit back and
suss out what I am doing right or what to improve upon. Many cups of tea
and cake are essential to the process!
I also find regular art mentoring sessions are very good. I see a
Scottish born artist who now lives in Australia – Alan Morrison. He
always extends my ideas of what I can achieve.

You can find Kelly:
Facebook kellysoutheeartist
Instagram @kellysoutheeartist

Two artworks:

A group of mini-artworks (10x10cm each) of local places

Caxton Street Stayers (this will be in our exhibition – an old house in
Paddington that is still hanging in there will much urban redevelopment
happening around it)