fish pond

Paper Landscape: No Grass

After I put the background in on our little landscape last week, I knew it needed something else. I thought about grass and mentioned it, but it didn’t feel right.

pondWhat was the problem? The landscape wasn’t telling a story. The only character in the landscape is the cat. So what story can a cat tell…

Our cat loves the outdoor, she loves talking to the birds. But birds wouldn’t fill the ground, they would fill the tree. Another favourite animal of cats are fish and that is what I have opted for. Realising that you wouldn’t see it straight away I thought it would be a nice surprise when you study the landscape more closely.

I love working with paper. Mistakes are easily rectified, so here is what I did;materials


  • glue
  • magazine paper
  • scissors
  • paper landscape

The first thing I realised when I decided on the fish pond was that I had to relocate the cat so I took her of. Now I could estimate how big the pond could be. To realise depth I found 3 different pieces of magazine paper of different grades of the colour blue. I free form cut three ponds, each one a bit smaller. From a colourful photo I cut two little fish. Then I stuck everything down and repositioned the cat. I think its done, hope you enjoy it!

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magazine trees

Paper Landscape: Back drop

Making doodles, crafting, fiddling with paper or other pieces of material, I love it all. It not only keeps me busy, it takes my mind of of other things, stressful things. You could call it my form of meditation or mindfulness and I can thoroughly recommend it. Why, because if everything goes to plan you have a beautiful thing at the end and if not, you have learned a lot and you get to destroy what you have made, which is another great stress reliever.

materialsPeaceful landscapes are considered another meditative subject and we are coming along nicely with the tree and the cat and the sun. I initially drew in a background, but I have decided that since everything else is made of magazine, these elements should join.


  • magazine
  • scissors
  • pen
  • glue stick
  • landscape
Use a piece of magazine that is left over from your other elements. On the back draw the shapes you like. I have drawn the tree, but felt bold enough to cut the house free hand. Youthe cut elements can fold the piece of paper to cut out the same shape twice, then you only have to draw once. Compose the back ground (perhaps I should have done this bit a the start to make the whole thing easier, but now you know where your main elements are placed, so it isn’t all bad.) Now glue the elements in place. Don’t worry to place them a little over the edge, you can trim these easily. Here is your finished back ground. I think I landscape with back dropmight make some grass this week to complete the landscape or a flower, we will see. Enjoy crafting!


Paper Landscape: The Sun

Looking out of my window in Brisbane Australia I see the sun, granted at the moment there are some clouds, but the sun is always there. And thus for the little card size paper landscape that I have been working on, I want a sun. But how to make a sun that fits the landscape.

Initially my heart was set on a filigree sun, thin strips off paper rolled up. I think I will have to use that technique somewhere else as it was to fiddley for this little landscape. materialsAlso I wanted to keep on using the same magazine paper that has been used so far and that is a bit thin for the filigree technique.

Having a look around my craft books and the internet I came across a fan, that looked perfect for what I needed. Here is how I made my sunny sun.


  • magazine
  • scissors
  • piece of string/thread
  • sticky tape

folding a fanAs a sun is yellow and I wanted to inject some colour in my picture, I looked through my magazine for some yellow, but I could have or perhaps should have picked another colour just for fun. I found a page with yellow flowers and cut out a square of approx. 4 x 4 cm. This squared got folded in the following way. Fold the square in half then open it and fold the side to the middle fold line, then open it and fold the next outside rim to the second fold. Now you can start to make a fan fold back and forward. It turned out to be too small so I repeated every thing I did to make a full circle. With the piece of string tie the two fans together in the middle. Fan out the outside ofthe sun the fans and stick them together with sticky tape (very fiddley I can tell you and my husband just came home with the kids when I was doing it and of course they were on top of me wanting to know what I was doing…..) Take your time. Use the end bit of your string to hang the sun from your sky. Enjoy your sunny day landscape. Next week will fill in the drawing at the back to make it fit in.

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Paper Landscape continued: Cat

Last week I started a landscape with a paper tree and some drawing in the background and realised it wasn’t finished. There are some elements missing and one of the elements is an animal.

materials for paper landscapeAt our household when we talk about animals the first one that comes to mind is a cat. Another advantage of a cat is that a cat is relatively easy to draw. So much better then a cow or horse which I have also contemplated. Perhaps with some more practise and a bigger landscape I will give it a go, but for now we stick with the cat.

So what did I do. I first gathered my materials;

  • A4 scrap printer paper
  • piece of magazine paper
  • glue stick
  • pen
  • scissors
  • and last weeks landscape

my drawing of a catI found a picture from the magazine that I thought resembled a cats colour and would go with the tree. 20-20 Hindsight letters would have worked as well. As my magazine has very thin paper I decided to glue it on to a piece of printer paper. I at least wanted my cat to have a chance to stand up, or better sit up. The printer paper also gave me a better opportunity to draw the cat on there. If you have a specific way you want your animal to face, remember that your drawn image will face the other way once you cat, cut and foldedturn it towards the right side.  I must say I would have liked my tail to face the other way, but unlike you I didn’t think to hard about it. I also drew a tapered stick on top of the cats head about the same length as the cat plus a bit extra. Not because I wanted a unicorn kitty, but because that is what is going to help the cat sit up.

After I cut out the cat with the tapered attachment still attached, I folded it backwards. Then I folded the tapered stick inwards a little bit twice so I could glue it to the cat and have stand that I can glue to the landscape. Having done all that, the cat is now enjoying the shade of my paper tree. That means that we need a proper sun in the sky, but that will happen next week….paper sculpture cat in landscape

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Start of a landscape: Tree

I want to take you on a paper journey. So far I have showed you 2 dimensional things I do and make. On Thursdays I am going to try to get to 3 dimensional shapes and activities.

materials for paper treeI have started to make a little landscape, that needs further exploration. Inspired by people who make beautiful book art, I want to explore the 3 dimensional page. I just do not feel confident to start with books. What I do have is lots and lots of magazines and I do not need all of them to stay. They make wonderful craft material though. magazine page and scissors

A landscape is a good project to start in 3D I thought and within a landscape the tree is very important. Lets start simple though. And this tree is simple. You need one sheet of magazine paper. I choose one with an image on both side, which results in the tree having a “colour”. I folded the tear side in 1/3 of the way. Then I made cuts on the other side of the paper up to the folded piece. After that all you have to do is roll the magazine page up and use a piece of sticky tape to keep it in place. Let the branches fall free. You can pull out the top a little bit, be careful though.

sticky tape the endI then stuck my tree on a card on which I drew a horizon and some more trees and a house as the start of my first paper landscape. Next Thursday a new element.

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