15 minutes of drawing: house collages

paperlove course continued with words, but I have kept on making collages.


15 minutes of drawing: and collage

as a present to myself, I have signed on to Rachel Hazels e-course Paperlove. I am thoroughly enjoying myself with the different exercises and looking at other students work. Last week was all about collage. Of course she told us to practice a lot. So this month I am challenging myself to incorporate collage into my 15 minutes of drawing.


bird mask

Fairytale Bird Mask

Sometimes you have to admit defeat. That is for now at least. Last week I did not post on Thursdays as I promised. I was going to lead the way with some dress up ideas for the fairytale that I tried to develop. Yes, I was going to give you some guidelines on a bird mask I did make (and I will still do that.), but this will for now be the last post on the fairytale as I want to make it useful for you.

My aim with the storytelling in words and crafts posts so far and will in future be (I hope) to stimulate creativity and fantasy and that it should not always be let by comic characters “superheroes and princesses”. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is so much more.

I will get back to this when I have a more clear idea of how I can incorporate all these ideas. It feels right in my head, but I haven’t found the right way to express it on paper, so, bare with me.decorate with felt tip pens

In the meantime I did make a bird mask for the bird that got rescued by the girl of my fairytale (see former post). And I must say it doesn’t look half bad, considering it is made out of a cereal box, magazine snippets and felt tip pens. My daughter had an eye mask that I  used as a template. I opened up a cereal box and drew the mask on there. Cereal boxes have the right thickness of cardboard. Cut out the mask and decorate the white part with felt tip pens. From a magazine you can cut feathers and stick these on. Now from a yellow or orange piece of paper cut a triangle and attach it around the nose area as the beak.

To hold the mask in front of your face you have different options. One is to attach elastic around the back. Or you could sticky tape a bamboo skewer on one side and carry the mask as a lorgnette. Hope you like it!bird mask



Theatre back drop

This is an absolute first for me. I’m writing this from my mobile phone.

Materials for backgroundThe theatre has a shell, a story and puppets, but the puppets need a back ground to dance in front and have their conversation. In the story I talk about an espresso machine.

Colouring in the hand drawn backdropSo here is what I did; I found a piece of paper slightly bigger than the theatre space. I found an example of a simple espresso machine, that I could draw. After I drew and coloured in, I used blu-tack to attach the backdrop to the theatre. Use a bit more so there is room for the puppet. Enjoy!

imagePS sorry for the roughness of this blog I hope my computer will be fixed soon.

working on the play

Theatre: The Play

Last week I talked about a technique of creating a conversation between two daily objects developing the story and charactersto start your play. At that time though I had no idea which two objects that would be for me. As I was pottering in my Ant House (my workshop where I print and woodwork) it came to me; a screwdriver and a hammer. The play was not going to be about their real “manly” job, but about something considered very feminine, dancing.

To determine that storyline I used the place technique that I blogged about earlier this year, but this time more to have a situation described to have awords and conversation jotted down conversation in. This will help me with the sceneries I will have to make. The place; SHED, as it has the s for screwdriver and the h for hammer. Oh and there is the d for dancing as well. Now for the e. The e is where the disco dancing is going to take place…, behind the espresso machine, out of site of all the curious people that use granddads shed.

Realising the characters I had created, I now had to find the right size tools that would fit the theatre, so I can dress the for next week. Luckily I have children with do they fit the theatretoys, and there it is a toy hammer and a small screwdriver out of dads toolbox. You can meet them next week.


Pop-Art colouring-in

Pop Art Colouring-in

Every book store and every craft store I visit now a days has mountains and mountains of colouring-in books. And even though I know they have their place in the world and it helps some people to focus away from daily life, I wonder how many are just lying around gathering dust.

I believe that if you would like to colour-in you just have to look around your house and you can find plenty of opportunities. Here is an easy one, that came to me when I was looking at old photographs. Particular one of my young grandmother. In those days when she was a healthy young lady there were no colour photos, yet the family wanted one. The photographer would retouch the picture with colour. You can do the same with black and white copies.

  • magazine
  • photocopier (often part of multi functional printers)
  • pencils

Find a picture in a magazine you like or take a picture of your family. I love browsing the National Geographic for this. Make a black and white photo copy of the picture. Take your coloured pencils and start to colour-in some of the elements. The fun thing is you can give things unnatural colours and have a pop-art effect. You can but don’t have to colour-in everything and have a great picture. Enjoy and experiment!

theatre what next

What happened at the Theatre?

Last week I build a little theatre, to entertain ourselves with made up stories. And I really story telling ideaswanted to continue with…. And here is where I got stumped, because what do you do first. Come up with the puppets, or more professionally characters. The sceneries and backdrops, or the story. I went around in circles and have yet to make a decision. On my quest for a story I did come across a fun story making exercise that I will probably use to determine my characters. Here it is;

Take 2 household objects or 2 objects lying on your desk and imagine them having a conversation.

Like: The spoon was lying next to the plate and asked the fork on top of the plate what was for diner….

Or: The thread did not like the look of the scissors. The scissors did not understand as they were a bit shy….

Let me know of some good object conversations, hopefully by next week I have made that decision and every thing can fall into place.

letter drawing

Drawing with Letters

In a household where going to school is new and exciting conversations often revolve around letters and words. “What is this letter?” “How is this word spelt?”, a bunch of random letters get put together… “Mam what does this spell?”.

While talking about letters and words and writing these things down, my doodle mum pops up and I start to make drawings out of some letters, trying to connect the drawing with the letter with the word and that is fun. All you need:

  • paper
  • pen

letters in to picturesEven better I have already drawn some letters for you, so all you have to do is come up with little drawings incorporating the letter. Have fun!

PDF; 160524 letter drawing

the theatre

Going to the Theatre

One of those things that would be lovely is going to the theatre. But as thus far I haven’t made it a priority in my life. Making up stories, songs and plays is a different cattle of fish. You can do that anywhere especially if you have a little theatre.

I have made this model ready for finger puppets and my daughters have already expressed they want to have a go as well, but first the adults are going to have some fun.


  • Theatre template ready for you on 160519 theatre PDF
  • cardboard (from an old box)
  • decorative paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors or craft knife.

Print the pdf and glue it to the cardboard. The pdf has all the right measurements for the finger puppet theatre, but you can of course up scale it. Use the lines to cut the different parts of the theatre. The lines of where the stands attach to the body might have to be widened to accommodate the width of the cardboard. The square in the middle needs to be removed.

After all the parts are ready decorate with scraps of beautiful paper to give it the feel of a real theatre. Slot the stands in to the body so your theatre can stand up.

PDF 160519 theatre

card embroidery

Card Embroidery

Crafting for me is relaxation, you could even say meditation. Seeing the needle and thread random card embroideryrandomly go through the card has something peaceful for me. And you know the end result is not bad. A good starting point for embroidering on card is to find some old postcards you received, probably a couple of years ago as we nowadays tend to send emails. Find one with empty space like a sky that you can randomly fill in. I have pdf-ed my cards for you, but as they are the product of other artists, please just use them for your own embroidery project and nothing else. pdf: 160503 card embroidery


  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread (split 6 into 2)
  • pin
  • sponge
  • scissors
  • cards

Once you have determined what part of the card you are going to embellish You can start punching holes with the pin and a sponge underneath. Depending on you preference you can randomly start to punch holes (see cat picture), or be a bit more organised and punch holes in a certain order (see Amsterdam picture). Pick your embroidery thread and startcard embroidery following the holes to create a pattern. It is a s simple as that. Now if you use the pdf please print on a bit thicker paper then the 80 grams copy paper, this to avoid your paper from ripping. Enjoy!