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School Holiday Challenge: Travel Journal

I can hardly believe it. Term 3 is as good as over and the Spring holidays are here in Australia. Holidays are the ultimate time to travel and go on adventures. Unfortunately we can’t always go away to foreign countries (and not everybody feels the need to).

But with modern day technology we can pretend. We can pretend to go to far away countries or to places not so far, but still unobtainable. We can ask ourselves questions about these places and look up the answers? This is what I would like to do with my girls these holidays and I would like to invite you along.

It will not be a daily challenge as I did in the last holiday, as I noticed that that sometimes just doesn’t work and is pretty full on. But I am going to give some “rules” that we are going to keep to. You are welcome to follow them or come up with your own.

Our rules:

  1. We will make our own journal existing of 5 spreads and a front and back cover. That means that you will need 2 cardboard a4s and 6 normal a4s. Staple them together and cover the staples with sticky tape
  2. The 5 spreads are for 5 themes, being; facts & figures; language; places to visit; food; traditions.
  3. We are actually going to stay close to home and explore Brisbane. (The photo’s are from an earlier project about the Netherlands).
  4. All forms of journaling are allowed; paint; collage; lettering; drawing; etc. You can make it as messy or clean as you like.
  5. There is no fixed order into what pages you work on, you can do a bit on each page on the days you are working on it or concentrate on one theme.
  6. We also decorate the front cover to know about what we will find inside.

I will be posting about our progress on my blog and this will be 4 times. Have fun and explore without having to sit in the car and or an airplane. Hope you will travel with us!


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