artists exercise

Artists Exercise

When Laurene from CF Photography feels she gets stuck in an assignment, she starts concentrating on details. The focus of the lens goes to a big toe or a dimple. She tells this to us in her Monday Marvel. So today I have given myself that very exercise and as my children are in school and my husband at work I was looking for another model.

Luckily we have a cat and more over she is fairly social and not intimidated by a big black box. Yes I did use my SLR for this instead of the iPhone, although I think you can also do this exercise with your phone. As my back up plan I used the tree in our front yard. It is a grevillia, that looks awesome when in bloom, but I find it hard to convey that in a photo. Hence trying it with Laurene’s top tip.

It was fun, it wasn’t too hard and definitely worth trying. You will find beauty in cats feet or just a sprig against gorgeous blue. It is an exercise in looking and seeing and that is very important when you want to create things. So thank you Laurene it was fun.


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