Marks and Pens

markersNot everybody love IKEA and that is totally okay, but as we are renovating our house and do like their style, we have been there a few times too often lately. I must say I do like to browse the different areas with smaller items as you never know what you happen upon. In the kids part they have some paints and other craft materials one of which was a set of pens with different thicknesses. These have been developed no doubt for the lettering trend that is going on. I was looking at them thinking, I really do not need more pens. Here is what my husband said: “go on take them, you know you want to.” Yes I know it didn’t take much…. drawing lines

Anyways if there is some technique that you would like to try, but you do not want to spend too much on materials IKEA could be a place to have a look.

Another “cheap” place to find materials is Daiso. The cards I used last Thursday I bought from there and I am using them again today. They are a bout the size of a postcard, stronger then ordinary copy paper and they have a bit of colour to them, which always inspires.

drawing cicles and linesMaterials

  • Pens
  • Cards
  • A4 white sheet for underneath your work

Take a card and place it on your white sheet so you can draw of the card without damaging your table. Now try the different thicknesses of pen by making marks. Marks can be lines, dots, circles, swirls, squares etc.

The fun thing about doing it on card size is that if you like them you can send them away. Have fun exploring.set of cards


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