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Monday Marvel: Laurene Cooper Fox

My wonderful friend and photographer extraordinaire Laurene is todays Monday Marvel. She loves what she does and that shines through in her work. If you live in South East Queensland and are looking to capture your family give her a call/send her an email.

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Laurene Cooper-Fox. I have 2 cats, 2 children and a husband. We own our own photography business that we run from home.  cooper-fox family photography

What is your medium and the kind of art you make?

Photography, I find art in families and babies. It’s a pretty fun kind of art when you get to snuggle and dress up newborn babies or snap a family as they have a big cuddle.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Sunlight is inspirational for me. Light is a big part of our business, natural and studio. I love the sunlight in the late afternoon, the golden glow in the trees. Light doesn’t have to come in large portions, it can be small amounts of light that catch the silhouette of a couple in love or a mother awaiting the arrival of their baby.

Other photographers are also inspirational to me, I like to see how other photographers view the world, use colour or create curiosity. My Facebook feed is filled with other photographers work, not to compare or criticize but to learn and be inspired by new ideas. cooper-fox family photography

Can you give us an exercise that helps you either warm up, loosen up, get unstuck or has a wonderful memory?
Sometimes I get stuck in looking at the big picture and forget the smaller things. I will take my camera and focus on the little things. Ants on a path, close in on my sons eyelashes or looking at 1 small aspect of a larger object like just a small portion of a large gum tree. It is a good reminder that getting a close up of a sons hand nestled in his mothers hand or the toes of a newborn baby are as powerful as a family laughing in the sunlight.


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