Candle making

Candle Making

I have done it, I have made my first container candles ever, today. It didn’t take long, it wasn’t difficult and I think candles make awesome gifts, so, I’m set…. Thanks Crafty Candle Supply for giving me the opportunity. (Look at last weeks post for their instructions)

Yes I do love candles, although I must say that I used them a lot more when I lived in the Netherlands then here in Australia. I must associate it more with “cold” weather then with the lovely summers and winters of Brisbane. However I can totally see these candles as gifts and presents for loved ones. If you are looking for an opportunity to gift handmade gifts, candle making is a great option. Using the starter kit from Crafty Candle Supply made it even easier.

The starter kit comes with instructions, that I followed to a tee this time, as I wanted to know what was involved. My next attempt will be a bit more adventures. I am looking at different containers and perhaps even some colour. I’ll let you know when it happens. All I have to do now is wait until tomorrow evening to light my first candle and enjoy the soft glow of candle light and the gentle sent of shoreline.

P.S. If you think of buying the starter kit from Crafty Candle Supply and use the link on my blog I will receive a commission, just to let you know.


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