bird mask

Fairytale Bird Mask

Sometimes you have to admit defeat. That is for now at least. Last week I did not post on Thursdays as I promised. I was going to lead the way with some dress up ideas for the fairytale that I tried to develop. Yes, I was going to give you some guidelines on a bird mask I did make (and I will still do that.), but this will for now be the last post on the fairytale as I want to make it useful for you.

My aim with the storytelling in words and crafts posts so far and will in future be (I hope) to stimulate creativity and fantasy and that it should not always be let by comic characters “superheroes and princesses”. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there is so much more.

I will get back to this when I have a more clear idea of how I can incorporate all these ideas. It feels right in my head, but I haven’t found the right way to express it on paper, so, bare with me.decorate with felt tip pens

In the meantime I did make a bird mask for the bird that got rescued by the girl of my fairytale (see former post). And I must say it doesn’t look half bad, considering it is made out of a cereal box, magazine snippets and felt tip pens. My daughter had an eye mask that I  used as a template. I opened up a cereal box and drew the mask on there. Cereal boxes have the right thickness of cardboard. Cut out the mask and decorate the white part with felt tip pens. From a magazine you can cut feathers and stick these on. Now from a yellow or orange piece of paper cut a triangle and attach it around the nose area as the beak.

To hold the mask in front of your face you have different options. One is to attach elastic around the back. Or you could sticky tape a bamboo skewer on one side and carry the mask as a lorgnette. Hope you like it!bird mask




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