Bird and story

Fairytale Mask

Last week I talked about the idea for the fairytale play, this week is supposed to be about costumes. I didn’t manage to come up with a good story line.

Bird and storyThe fairytale idea didn’t leave me though. And you know how thoughts just occurs to you when least expected. Well I think I might have come up with a modern fairytale. With in the lead a 15 year old girl and an injured bird. The magic object a raindrop ring, that is going to help her see that she is perfect the way she is. Al this in the setting of a beautiful Forrest where her and her family are camping.

So what costume can I make out of this. Well I was going to work on a birds mask and perhaps even some wings. But little girls and family life sometimes change these plans.

Mask templateThe groundwork has been laid though. A cereal box has been confiscated for the base of the mask. And a template has been drawn. Next week hopefully a how to and the end result.


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