Fairytale story elements

CharactersLast week I decided to research the fairytale as the story element of our upcoming craft, craft for adults that is.

I always see the most beautiful crafts in places like Instagram and Pinterest with the mention that children will have so much fun making it, but why can’t we just admit that us adults love making crafts as well. We often end up taking over from our kids to make it look “better”. But I get side tracked. And please feel free to get your kids involved, nothing better then spending time with the family. Backdrops and props

Back to fairytales; this is what I found.

1. They always start with “once upon a time” and end with “lived happily ever after.”

2. They have a problem with a solution. That solution comes about with some sort of magic.

3. The setting and characters have something regal or magical. Oh and they can be animals with human traits as well.

4. There is a moral to the story, a lesson to be learned.

The first ideas that have come to my mind have nothing magical Magical elementsabout them. I would like to come up with a modern fairytale that deals with bullying and friendship. But a playground and normal families have no regal or magical connotations. More over they will be hard to catch in masks and props. The only person I came up with that can stay is Aunty Trollup. She will be my version of a fairy godmother.

But for now it is back to the drawing board.


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