finish the face

Drawing Faces

If you ask me “what do you find the hardest thing to draw?” I would  say a person. I always dread to draw people. I have to make an effort to practise. finish the face

Then I saw a little video by Heather Ross, who claimed it wasn’t at all difficult to draw people. And she said that with a basic eyes, ears and mouth you could make all kinds of different people and then continued to show it. Giving the person different hair and finding a characteristic item to accompany them can make them totally unique personalities

Of course I had to try this for myself. I made a face on the computer, to make sure that all faces were identical. I printed 3 copies and started to draw. Heather Ross drew 3 different children. I have looked at a baby, an elderly lady and a school boy. I have made you a pdf of the basic face I used and I hope you will find it a challenge to come up with some more family members.

Print your pdf here: 160719 finish the face


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