Creative Freedom

Today I have seen and felt something very clearly in regards to creative freedom. And I want to share this.

Collage in green and orangeMy girls love to craft with me and I have always tried to give them enough freedom to express their own ideas. This morning my eldest got an assignment for reading groups, I was helping in the class room and could observe. They had to create a new character for a well known story. I thought that this would be easy for her as she likes to come up with her own story line. But something was blocking her.

Later that morning I was home with my youngest. She wanted to make collages with me. Once we put out all the different things, she attacked without any inhibitions. Came up with a story about rain island and continued with a fruit owl still life. Collage by 4 year old

I on the other hand really struggled to get started. Only when I let go of the notion that things had to look like something I could find my way and started to feel happy about what I was doing.

CollageKnowledge is a beautiful thing and I love all the things I have learned in my life. But there is a beauty in the way small children approach a blank canvas and when they start to learn some of that and sometimes all of that gets lost. I hope I can postpone it for as long as possible.


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