finish the drawing

Finish the Drawing

I am facing a blank page as I sit in front of my blog deciding what to write. I guess it is 6 blocks with the start of a drawingpretty much the same feeling lots of people have when they see an empty page and are asked to draw something. This feeling that it needs to be perfect or at least I have to think it is beautiful.

Often that is the feeling I have when I write a blog, it has to be meaningful and useful. In my opinion it is meaningful and useful to create every day. It gives me a good feeling when I have made something even if it isn’t great. And I want you to have that feeling too. Sofilling in the drawings to take away that feeling of a blank page I have made a pdf with 6 blocks and in each of these blocks is the start of a drawing. It is up to you to finish it. The wonderful thing is nobody has to see it you can keep it all to yourself, or start over again if you make a mistake, crumple up the paper and nobody has to know. Once you are happy with the result you can share. Most importantly though enjoy the process.

If you really need an excuse to start creating you are finishing the drawingsallowed to use you kids. Mine are more then willing to create with me. And especially when they are young they are a great support, easily impressed with what you draw. Be careful though, just because they are easily pleased, don’t get complacent. Try, try and try again until you yourself are happy as well.

Find your pdf here: 160712 finish the drawing



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