Measuring tape flower brooch

Upcycle craft

During our winter holidays I plan daughter mother date with my eldest daughter. When I ask her what she would like to do the answer is “make something with mama. ”

Cutting strips from measuring tapeAs she is very much into jewellery and I haven’t been to the op shop in a while I suggest we go look at the second hand store for some ingredients to make her something pretty. She likes that idea so of to the op shops we are. And we get lucky, we find wooden beads and measuring tapes. From those two things we can make some lovely flower brooches.


  • measuring tape
  • big bead (or button)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Glueing the strips together we found a blue and a white measuring tape. My daughter chose to have the blue one and found herself the biggest love heart bead she could find. When the choices were made we cut 4 pieces of about 20 cm. oh and don’t forget to turn on the hot glue gun. Fold the strip in half to find the middle. That is where the glue goes and then fold both ends into the glue to make petals. Do this with all 4 strips. Then make two crosses with them and then glue those together. For the finishing touch put the bead in the middle as the heart of the Measuring tape flower broochflower. To make it a brooch glue a pin on the back.


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