The Theatre meet the puppets

Playing with; Corks

Perhaps I am a bit too early with this craft material, but I know there are plenty of mums cork stampsout there that do not mind a glass of wine or two, after a whole day with the kids. Make sure that you buy corked bottles and you keep the cork as it is a wonderful craft material.

Oh, and if you don’t drink or forgot to keep your cork, you can get lots of cork at Reverse Garbage here in Australia. I am sure there are other places on-line but I like their philosophy, no affiliation.

Here are the links for cork crafts;

cork stamps ~ 2 craft and 2 create

pirate cork boards ~ red ted art

superhero cork people ~ molly moo crafts

cork snake ~ domestic candy (oops in German, sorry)

Don’t forget our sketchbook challenge. Todays assignment; draw a garden with just one colour pen. To read more about the challenge click here


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