sketchbook challenge

Sketchbook Challenge

The winter school holidays are coming up here in Queensland and I want to help you keep your creativity up even when the kids are at home.

shapes and patternsBefore I started this blog I had another blog called 2craftand2create. I started that blog to keep myself sane with a baby and a 2 year old at that time. I offered her all kinds of craft ideas and wrote about the good and the bad. But babies get bigger and at a certain point she wanted to participate too. What to do with all these different levels of competency…..

I bought 3 sketchbooks or Jumbo scrapbooks and I came up with a different challenge for the 3 of us every week. Not only did they get to spend time with mama and get to experience all kinds of different materials, I now have a book full of artwork that displays their development and mood. Yes, mood, because sometimes we crafted for a long time and sometimes we were done in 5 minutes (try to write a story about that…).

This holiday I am going to try and do a similar thing, but daily and I would love it if you city scapesjoined me. Mind you the first week we will be traveling a lot, so I will have to see how we go. The results will be on Instagram @renateandtheanthouse or


  • Each of the participants their own sketchbook
  • pens, pencils, crayons (the colouring materials you have will do, limited pallets sometimes help)
  • glue stick
  • old magazines
  • eraser
  • scissors

Prompts to all draw together 5 minutes – 1 hour depending on how much fun you are having

  • 25/06/16 – Devide your page in spaces and fill these spaces with pattern (dots, dashes, zigzags etc.)
  • 26/06/16 – Cut shapes, put them on the page and colour over the edges.
  • 27/06/16 – Outline your hand and make a drawing with or out of it.
  • 28/06/16 – Draw a garden with just one colour pen.
  • 29/06/16 – Draw an imaginary machine.
  • 30/06/16 – Pick a face picture from an old magazine or stamp and try to draw it.
  • 01/07/16 – Draw a butterfly with your none dominant hand.
  • 02/07/16 – Draw 3 the same shapes, fill each shape with the same picture in a different medium.
  • 03/07/16 – Draw a lot of the same things like clown, fairies, faces, etc. each a little different.
  • 04/07/16 – Tear pieces of paper and make a city scape.
  • 05/07/16 – Find a picture of a landscape, draw characters on white paper, cut these out and place them in the landscape.
  • 06/07/16 – Draw happy monsters.
  • 07/07/16 – Tear a small image out of a magazine and finish the surroundings.
  • 08/07/16 – Draw a scene out of your favourite movie.
  • 09/07/16 – Draw the first letter of your name and make it into a creature.
  • 10/07/16 – Draw a still life.

multiples of one thingPlease note: Don’t over think. Just do. They do not need to be masterpieces. Have fun.

Share your results with me if you want, my email: and let me know if I can use them on my social media.


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