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Craft Books are my Addiction

Yes this, I must admit, is a true statement. When I started organising my workspace, I realised that the one thing I have a hard time with is deciding if any of my craft books can go. As all the bookshelf space has started to fill up and another Bookfest is coming up, I have to take a hard look at myself and my shelf.

So you say, don’t go to this Bookfest thingy…… Well, that is not an option. In our (my husband and me) enthusiasm we have created little book monsters of daughters. After 3 months without a Bookfest, my eldest keeps on asking when we can go again. And I want her to keep this great attitude towards books. Children books are a wonderful thing and I like it when she can keep them and they do not always have to go back to the library.out of print craft books

So this time I will have to be strong and very selective, perhaps even make a list? But then what makes it such a great place to go is the browsing and the treasures you find….

So, if you are in Brisbane, Queensland and you have never been, please come along to the Bookfest. It starts this Saturday


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