drawing materials

Exploring Drawing Materials

We have been drawing for a while now and hopefully enjoy it. I also hope that you have been using things/materials that you already have lying around the house.

As you can imagine I have quite a few of these materials lying around, but I still manage to occasionally  look in the pen buckets of my daughters to find what I am looking for.

lots of beautiful linesToday I would like you to walk around the house and find yourself 8 different kind of drawing implements; pen, pencil, fine liner, marker, chalk, crayon, etc…. Then take a white piece of paper and fold it into 8 equal pieces. Now fill the parts with lines, each part with a different drawing utensil. Look at the different effects caused by different utensils. Doesn’t it look beautiful. You of course don’t have to use lines, you can make zigzags or circles or squares…. Have fun exploring!



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