The Theatre meet the puppets

The Theatre: Meet the Puppets

After making the theatre and having thought about the play, it is time to actually make the googly eyes make characterspuppets. But I forgot that I found at least one of them in my husbands toolbox as I wasn’t going to buy anything new. What to do, I could not glue anything to the screwdriver, even though I knew that the puppets only needed googly eyes to make them characters. On top of that the screwdriver was going to be the girl and I had to give her a skirt.

The solution turned out to be simple…. blue tack tiny little pieces keep the eyes in place and they can be taken of as soon as my husband misses his screwdriver.

  • screwdriver
  • toy hammer
  • blue tack
  • small piece of fabric
  • thread
  • needle
  • googly eyes

making a skirtPlace the eyes with little pieces of blue tack on the part of the tool that you want to represent the face. I couldn’t find little pompoms, but you could use those as a tuft of hair or a comical nose.

With needle and thread make a chain stitch at the top of the piece of fabric, that should be big enough to go around the screwdriver as a twirly skirt. After the chain stitch has gone along the whole top, tie the skirt around the screwdriver and stitch the back seem closed.

puppets for playingHey presto meet Sally screwdriver and Hamish hammer, that will dance the night away behind the espresso machine in granddad’s shed until they hear a big bang…..



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