geometric drawings on maths paper

Maths Paper Drawings

If you read my blog yesterday you have seen the geometric or triangular stencils I made for printing. The stencils are hand cut and the original from which I cut the stencil is hand drawn. The little trade secret though is that I use math paper. The squares help me guide the shape drawing and makes sure the spacing is equal to create the most beautiful patterns. stencil cutting

It seemed like a fun idea to have you come up with your own geometric drawing  on maths paper.

  • pencil
  • maths paper
  • eraser

Think triangles, squares, rectangles…. oh and don’t forget diamonds. Use the faint blue lines as guides and spacers. You can start simply by drawing 1 by 1 cubes with a 1 spacing. Then triangles in a similar way, then go wild. It doesn’t need to be symmetrical…., as long as you enjoy yourself.

P.S. might do this one with the kids as well.


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