working on the play

Theatre: The Play

Last week I talked about a technique of creating a conversation between two daily objects developing the story and charactersto start your play. At that time though I had no idea which two objects that would be for me. As I was pottering in my Ant House (my workshop where I print and woodwork) it came to me; a screwdriver and a hammer. The play was not going to be about their real “manly” job, but about something considered very feminine, dancing.

To determine that storyline I used the place technique that I blogged about earlier this year, but this time more to have a situation described to have awords and conversation jotted down conversation in. This will help me with the sceneries I will have to make. The place; SHED, as it has the s for screwdriver and the h for hammer. Oh and there is the d for dancing as well. Now for the e. The e is where the disco dancing is going to take place…, behind the espresso machine, out of site of all the curious people that use granddads shed.

Realising the characters I had created, I now had to find the right size tools that would fit the theatre, so I can dress the for next week. Luckily I have children with do they fit the theatretoys, and there it is a toy hammer and a small screwdriver out of dads toolbox. You can meet them next week.



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