Pop-Art colouring-in

Pop Art Colouring-in

Every book store and every craft store I visit now a days has mountains and mountains of colouring-in books. And even though I know they have their place in the world and it helps some people to focus away from daily life, I wonder how many are just lying around gathering dust.

I believe that if you would like to colour-in you just have to look around your house and you can find plenty of opportunities. Here is an easy one, that came to me when I was looking at old photographs. Particular one of my young grandmother. In those days when she was a healthy young lady there were no colour photos, yet the family wanted one. The photographer would retouch the picture with colour. You can do the same with black and white copies.

  • magazine
  • photocopier (often part of multi functional printers)
  • pencils

Find a picture in a magazine you like or take a picture of your family. I love browsing the National Geographic for this. Make a black and white photo copy of the picture. Take your coloured pencils and start to colour-in some of the elements. The fun thing is you can give things unnatural colours and have a pop-art effect. You can but don’t have to colour-in everything and have a great picture. Enjoy and experiment!


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