theatre what next

What happened at the Theatre?

Last week I build a little theatre, to entertain ourselves with made up stories. And I really story telling ideaswanted to continue with…. And here is where I got stumped, because what do you do first. Come up with the puppets, or more professionally characters. The sceneries and backdrops, or the story. I went around in circles and have yet to make a decision. On my quest for a story I did come across a fun story making exercise that I will probably use to determine my characters. Here it is;

Take 2 household objects or 2 objects lying on your desk and imagine them having a conversation.

Like: The spoon was lying next to the plate and asked the fork on top of the plate what was for diner….

Or: The thread did not like the look of the scissors. The scissors did not understand as they were a bit shy….

Let me know of some good object conversations, hopefully by next week I have made that decision and every thing can fall into place.


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