the theatre

Going to the Theatre

One of those things that would be lovely is going to the theatre. But as thus far I haven’t made it a priority in my life. Making up stories, songs and plays is a different cattle of fish. You can do that anywhere especially if you have a little theatre.

I have made this model ready for finger puppets and my daughters have already expressed they want to have a go as well, but first the adults are going to have some fun.


  • Theatre template ready for you on 160519 theatre PDF
  • cardboard (from an old box)
  • decorative paper
  • glue stick
  • scissors or craft knife.

Print the pdf and glue it to the cardboard. The pdf has all the right measurements for the finger puppet theatre, but you can of course up scale it. Use the lines to cut the different parts of the theatre. The lines of where the stands attach to the body might have to be widened to accommodate the width of the cardboard. The square in the middle needs to be removed.

After all the parts are ready decorate with scraps of beautiful paper to give it the feel of a real theatre. Slot the stands in to the body so your theatre can stand up.

PDF 160519 theatre


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