sewing corner

Should I join the pegboard revolution?

messy sewing cornerOn my to do list for organisation this week was my sewing corner. And last week I showed you my solution for the small bits and pieces. I am happy with those, they look cute. But on my quest of organising my sewing space I keep on seeing these amazing pictures of pegboard organising. The pegboard totally fits with organising in the vertical way and check out these beauties;

All of them mouth wateringly wonderful, but they require an investment and I promised myself I would try not to spend money. Still using the vertical space sounds like the best option. Hence I started to look in our shed to see if we had something that would hold the hooks, that are also used with the pegboards. The hooks we do have curtesy of the making corner of the girls.

The thing I found in the shed was one of the sides of the girls baby cot. I measured and I tried the hooks and now it adorns the wall next to my sewing machine. The hooks are slowly filled with scissors and other paraphernalia, I think the vertical storage is working for me…


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