magazine doodles

Magazine Doodles

flowers and trianglesIn our house there are always pens and magazines lying around. And while I am doing some work on my I-pad, my youngest picks up one of the pens and starts drawing in a magazine. You can imagine that I wasn’t all too pleased. But while I was explaining to my daughter that she should not draw in books, I realised she had given me our next drawing exercise.

  • Magazine
  • black ballpoint

The women’s magazines receive from the Netherlands always have a section on interior design. Some of those are quite minimalist and can use some sprucing up. You can of course pick what ever picture you like, but try to find one that has at least one area that has been hardly filled in. Then take your ballpoint, I used a black one, but blue works just as well and start to doodle. Simple forms like lines, circles, triangles, flowers, etc., give an extra bit of flair to your picture. Have fun and enjoy!


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