storage jars

Sewing Storage Jars

from empty jar to storage jarIn my quest to organise my house, my sewing corner is on the menu. Looking at all the different little bits that I use while sewing it makes me wonder where to put them.

On Pinterest I have been looking at a lot of beautifully organised sewing rooms, that make you envious. I want something that not only is organised, but looks nice too. There is another project on Pinterest that has caught my eye. Storage jars with little animals on top, home made. I reckon I can do that and put my buttons, rings, buckles etc. in there. The little animals are plastic and I read you find them preferably at an op-shop. When I go to the op-shop though I find a bag with little wooden men, that I really like and that are now on top of my storage jars.materials


  • wooden figurines
  • empty jars
  • spray paint
  • screws

Lucky for me I had already started to collect empty jars, from jams, pickles and sorts to use for mixing my own print paint colours. Some of them were now collected for a more superior job. I made sure the lids were clean and started to spray paint them outside as it is important to be in a well ventilated area. finished jarsOutside can be a struggle though if the wind works against you. I used cake cups to keep the jar lids elevated to be able to reach every where with the spray paint. It needed several thin layers to cover the advertisements on the lids.

Once the different layers are dry I attached the wooden figurines with a screw to the top of the lid to finish it of. They are sweet.


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