bag handles

Bags: Call out for Patterns

bags, bags, bags...To all you lovely crafty, inspiring people out there. So far I have given you 2 free patterns for bags that can be used with my bag handles or you can adapt them for your own handles. No. 1 a knitted bag and No. 2 a felted free form bag.  I have at least two more patterns to share, but before I do that I would love to hear from you.

Do you have a unique technique that you think would be awesome to use with my bag handles? Do you work with unusual materials that could make a wonderful bagbag handles into unique bags with my bag handles? Do you have a unique idea for a bag with my bag handles? Does any of this resonates then write me an email with a short outline of the idea and some photo’s of the technique. My address:

I hope to hear from you. If I select your bag, you will receive a pair of my bag handles for free and after you have made the bag and send me the results with the pattern, you will be featured on my blog, Facebook page and Instagram. Exposure to over 350 new people. Next week a new bag….


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