pulling it together

How I Write a Book: Pulling it Together

giving the characters a placeThis is the blog post in which all the elements I have been working on  over the past 3 weeks are being pulled together. I have the pages. I have the story. And I have the characters. The thing is I find it hard to explain to you what I do. It would be silly just to write the story on one page and stick the characters on another. So I try to break up the story logically over the pages I have. Then I have the characters printed for all the pages, including the title page. Now I look again at the story to put one or two elements in the backdrop. For this I can useputting elements in the backdrop literally anything; paper, threads, stickers, pen, pencil…

Have fun with it, it doesn’t have to look perfect or lifelike. It is an indication and dresses the pages.

Then I test my book on my kids. They love the vibrant colours and ask all kinds of questions. This to me means they like it. Here is my book, Enjoy!



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