card embroidery

Card Embroidery

Crafting for me is relaxation, you could even say meditation. Seeing the needle and thread random card embroideryrandomly go through the card has something peaceful for me. And you know the end result is not bad. A good starting point for embroidering on card is to find some old postcards you received, probably a couple of years ago as we nowadays tend to send emails. Find one with empty space like a sky that you can randomly fill in. I have pdf-ed my cards for you, but as they are the product of other artists, please just use them for your own embroidery project and nothing else. pdf: 160503 card embroidery


  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread (split 6 into 2)
  • pin
  • sponge
  • scissors
  • cards

Once you have determined what part of the card you are going to embellish You can start punching holes with the pin and a sponge underneath. Depending on you preference you can randomly start to punch holes (see cat picture), or be a bit more organised and punch holes in a certain order (see Amsterdam picture). Pick your embroidery thread and startcard embroidery following the holes to create a pattern. It is a s simple as that. Now if you use the pdf please print on a bit thicker paper then the 80 grams copy paper, this to avoid your paper from ripping. Enjoy!


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