felted bag

Felted Bag: part 3

cross stitch attachementOkay when I started this bag, I was very unsure of  I was going to finish the bag. The urge of making this bag was bigger then, me being totally prepared. And yet I am really pleased with the end result. The asymmetrical look works for felt I think. The stitches make it playful, but there is always a critic. My eldest daughter said, “that bag looks old, mama” Oh well, we can’t please everybody. What did I do:


  • needle
  • crochet thread
  • iron-on hemming band
  • felt
  • insert bag with handles

Once the handles are attached to the crochet part of the insert bag, fold the felt around and figure out what way you like the felt to drape around best. Now I embroidered on the felt first with a cross stitch, but I am wondering if it would be easier to first “glue” the bag together with the hemming band.

finished felted bagThe top cross stitch should pick up a bit of the hem. and not go through and through, so you do not have white stitches at the top. At the bottom you do not have a choice. Hope you like it too. If you have another solution let me know.


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