uwe and bella

How I write a Book: Meet Uwe & Bella

Our book is really taking shape now and that is very exciting. We have made the pages and we have made up a short slightly silly story. And since we have the story we now know who the main characters are. It is now our job to give a face to these characters, this is why I didn’t just come up with a name, but also with what they are.sketch the characters

We are going to meet Uwe the emu and Bella the rosella. Both birds native to Australia and therefor could live in the bush. Now I like to draw, but by no means do I from the to of my head come up with the drawings of the character of the top of my head. So where do I go… usually the internet, but it could equally be a book or a magazine. I find a picture I like and start to sketch. If you do not feel comfortable sketching free hand, take a tracing paper and a clear photo that you can trace. Holding the photo and tracing paper against the window might sometimes help with finding the right lines.

Now you have your basic character, but you would like it to become more humanised. Lookmultiples at your story for elements that can enhance your character. Uwe would like to ski, so even though the bush to most would seem like a warm place he is wearing a scarf and is holding poles. Bella on the other hand is a happy go lucky bush girl that plucks the day, with a hat and holding a flower she seems pretty happy. Again I use the internet to learn how I can give my characters these trades, by looking at what others do. It’s a great way to learn as long as you do not copy direct! Now make sure you have enough to cover your pages. I just like to scan, scale and print them.

I have put Uwe and Bella into a pdf for your book if you feel insecure about the whole thing, but give your self also the chance to try, you might surprise yourself!


  • paper
  • pencil
  • pen
  • photo’s, magazines, books or the internet
  • printer
  • scanner

PDF:160428 emu and rosella


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