chair up date

Organising leads to…

I am really happy with the progress I have made so far in my baby step program of second office chairorganising. But organising my stuff means I come across all kinds of unfinished projects. One of these projects effects the look of my workroom and thus I feel like I can take a break from tidying and spent some time making.

Behind the computer desk sits a proper computer chair, but behind the drawing/sewing table stands one of my chair rescue projects. Yes I have a confession to make, Isanding and painting love chairs and I like to (wish I had more time to) do them up. The chair needs a total make over and I finally started it. I sanded the wood and painted it, because as it turned out there were different kinds of wood on the base. Now I need to upholster it with a nice graphic screen printed by me fabric. The last bit still has to be done and there are plenty of ideas running through my head, but with a long weekend in front of us I might be able to promise you the result next week. legs have changed now the body


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