crochet the handle attachments

Felted Bag: Part 2

Having made the piece of felt, I had to figure out how to attach it to the handles to make the bag. One of the things that is important to me is the organic shape of the handmade felt, I want to show that of. I tried to research different methods on the net and I do not know if it was because I am impatient or didn’t search in the right places, I could not find something like it. An other consideration is that this is one of my first pieces of felt and I am not 100% sure it will keep. So I have opted for the insert. Here is my process


  • piece of fabric
  • sewing thread & needle or sewing machine
  • no. 2 crochet thread
  • no. 2 crochet needle
  • scissors

As my piece of felt has some strands of denim coloured blue in it. I used part of an old jeans for the insert. (Pro tip: Look around your closet for clothes you no longer ware or are broken, but your favourite fabric.) Measure the handles and your piece of felt to decide how big your insert needs to be. My handles are approx. 20 cm wide and the folded piece of felt 15 cm deep as a result, the insert needed to be 22 cm x 32 cm allowing for 1 cm seems.

As I have a sewing machine I quickly closed the sides and put a little hem in the top, but you can do it by hand, just allow yourself more time.

Then I had to figure out how to attach the insert to the handle. As denim is quite thick I did not want to use the same solution as I did with the knitted bag, so I opted to crochet the attachment. I am afraid this is the longest part of the process and my least favourite, although I think it does look good and appropriate.

First you have to make a blanket stitch all around the top of your insert. How to blanket stitch click here for a good graphic image. I hope my pictures help as well. Then set up your crochet with a single crochet stitch for the width of the attachment opening on your chosen handles (mine approx. 17 cm). For every blanket stitch I used two crochet stitches. As it depends on how big your blanket stitches are it will be trial and error, just as long as it doesn’t pull. Click on the word “single crochet” above to get a diagram of how to crochet the stitch. Now you have to crochet about 24 rows to make the handle fit if you use mine, otherwise you will have to measure with your chosen handles.

Once both sides are crochet we are ready to finish the bag next week.


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