How I Write a Book. The Words

Long ago, when I was a child, I used to watch a show in which classrooms competed with each other in all sorts of challenges. One of the challenges would be “to make a stage performance during the time of the show.” The chosen kids got to draw “a place” story writing exerciseand from there they would determine characters and they were free to make up their story line. I loved this part of the show and when ever a group of friends came over the dress up box would come out and we would be performing to each other.

Why am I telling you this? Because I have adapted this technique for my story telling, when I am stuck. My girls almost love t as much as I do, that is the slightly absurd stories that emerge. I can’t wait to have them use the technique themselves and come up with al kinds of great plays.

Back to the task at hand though. Last week we made a little book and now we have to fill the book with words and illustrations. Here is how I came up with my little story, next week the illustrations.writing is trial and error


  • paper
  • pen

As I told in the introduction, the children would get given a place. First thing I do is make a list with places that could serve as the backdrop of my story. I usually try to keep my places to short words as my stories are short. The next step of the process will make clear that longer words will lead to difficulties otherwise. After making the list I will take the one word that most appeals to me, or I let my girls choose.

As we have 4 pages to fill I thought a 4 letter word would be appropriated. Mine turned out to be BUSH. After I picked I put the letters of this word underneath each other. The letters represent the first letter of the personality of the story or the event that happens. My 160421-writing-a-storydivision in this is. The last two letters represent the events, the other letters are the personalities. B & U in my case became Bella-the rosella and Uwe-the emu, two personalities living in the bush. S & H became the events, skiing and hoola hoop. After some writing and scratching and re-writing I ended up with a short story that I like enough to write in my 4 pages. I now have the words to put images in my mind that I will be sharing with you next week… Enjoy imagining!


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