Organising Baby Steps: 5 lessons

I have managed to find another bit of time to organise my workroom. Last week I managed to tidy our desk and I am proud to let you know it is still spacious and tidy. This week I promised myself to tidy/clean/organise my sewing trolley. As you notice I try to do little projects as to not get overwhelmed and I think it is working for me. I didn’t really follow somebodies organising strategy this week, but here are some bullet points as to the things I have learnt while organising this week.

  1. If you are an organising novice, like me, choose a small project, as it always takes more time then you think.
  2. Have three piles, keep, give rid of, get rid of
  3. Be honest with yourself about things. Are you really going to use it or finish the project? Oh and I tend to keep everything I make, which is also not necessary.
  4. Tidy without the kids that feel that everything can be used to craft, otherwise your stuff will become their stuff and only make a mess somewhere else.
  5. Don’t think that throwing stuff out entitles you to buy new stuff. You probably have containers and boxes enough to organise your things, just make sure you find them in time. (which is a lot easier in an organised house;-))

Good luck with your next baby step. Mine turned out well. A new place for the trolley (closer to sewing machine) and finally easy access to the step to get to the to shelf.



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