paper weaving

Paper Weaving

There is a definite trend of weaving at the moment. Lots of little woven art works are popping up in my social media feeds. Now I lake to have a go at these things, but don’t always have the time or money to go out and get the essentials. And then I remembered, Paper strips for paper weavingyou can just use paper, colourful paper, patterned paper or paper from my favourite craft material at the moment magazines. Now I know not everybody has stacks of colourful paper lying around or wants to cut up their beautiful magazines for craft, so I have provided a colourful pdf (160419 paper weaving) to give you a chance. Or print it in black and white to have different shades of grey on your weaving project.


  • colourful paper (or pdf)
  • scissors (or craft knife, cutting mat and metal ruler)
  • pencil
  • ruler

If you are working with your own coloured paper, take a piece and on the back draw aweaving the paper rectangle. Within that rectangle draw vertical strips and cut those. This is to have a border which will make your weaving more stable. From other coloured paper cut strips and use these to weave through the openings of the first piece of paper. In through one slot then down through the next, up and down, etc., till the end. Let all the end pieces end at the back for neatness. The next strip should start at the opposite, so if you first went back to front, you now first go front to back and up and down, etc. You keep on adding strips until you filled your whole rectangle.

woven paperIf you use my pdf, then print two of them. The first one you just cut the vertical black lines. The second one you use to cut strips. Use the white sides as well, so you can fill the whole rectangle. Now start weaving in the same manner as above. For variation you could print just one of the sheets and weave with just white strips.

Now you have a colourful paper weave that you can frame or you could laminate it and use it as a placemat. Enjoy!

PDF: 160419 paper weaving


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