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How I Write a Book. The Pages

Writing a book is a huge task if you imagine it to be a hundred pages and published and …. Unique little booksI love books and I would love to be published. I also know that I need to focus on what I am good at and that is creating with things, rather then with words. Nevertheless this little voice inside makes me write a blog and let me tell you a secret, I write little unique books of 4 pages. It is great and fun and just for me… although my girls love them too.

I will take you on my journey of making these little treasures over the next couple of weeks. Starting with making the actual book, the pages.


  • A4 watercolour paper 180gr
  • watercolour paints
  • water
  • brush
  • scissors

or you could take a shortcut and use the pdf (link at bottom of page) I made for you of a background as you may not have these tools and I would hate for you to miss out.

painting the pagesI have kept the background fairly simple. Take one sheet of A4 watercolour paper. Paint with very wet watercolour paint broad stripes, one colour in the middle, another colour on either side of the middle stripe, they can touch. and a third colour fills the rest of the page. Let the colours bleed into each other, unless you do not like that effect. Now let the paper dry.

Once you have a dry water piece of nicely coloured A4 paper, you are going to make the following folds. Once lengthways in half, open it back up. Now over the short side in half, open it back up. Now fold each short side up to the middle fold and open back up. Your A4 is now divided into 8 equal parts. Fold the A4 over the short side in half and cut over the middle line to half way (the next visible fold line, also see photo), and open up again. Take a close look at the photo, as I find the next step hard to explain, but it is essential to making the book. Esther K Smith from Purgatory Pie Press “How to make books” explains it in the following way: “Grasping both sides of middle from slit, pull apart and down.” (Love her book by the way as you can see on my Facebook page). Then you can fold the book into its final form and decide what is going to be the front cover.

PDF; finished watercolour A4  160407 book




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