organising with labels

Are Creative People Organised?

Above my very untidy desk I blue tagged a card with the saying “Creative Minds are rarely my messtidy.” There is no attribution. I have stuck it there to remind my husband to expect a mess when I am at work, but he doesn’t like it.

The other day I had a discussion with one of my friends about the things I try to accomplish. She mentioned that my main product (hooks) have to do with hook for desk keyorganisation and that organisation is a thing that lots of others are interested in. A way to connect with like minded people or potential customers would be to talk about organisation.

This remark stuck, but I also realise that I am in no way a guru in the land of organising. Nevertheless I have accepted the challenge and have decided to talk about organising stuff mainly. But you never know I might get so good at it that I feel comfortable talking about organising life and so on and so forth. I am going to take you on my journey of reading about and organising my space, other peoples advice and some niftytidy desk crafts to make all that organising a bit more fun. If everything else fails, meaning I can’t keep it up, I have at least made one person happy for a short term as I have tidied our computer desk and my husband is over the moon.

My organisational inspiration came from Wikihow to organise your desk

P.S. I have never believed before and after pictures very much as you can make as mess in minutes, even if you are a neat person. So, you are going to have to belief me that these are real, or you could always ask my husband…


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