paper cut

Paper Cutting

Computer problems have the result that I appreciate crafting even more. It brings me peace and a different world. Don’t get me wrong I love computers and what they can do, but they just have to work and not give me a black screen when I want to blog….

I was thinking though that it was time we explore some other D2 techniques besides drawing and mark making. Last week we used a magazine to make a colour wheel. This week I used that same magazine or rather a page to make a paper cutting and explore positive and negative.

materialsDo you remember making paper stars, snowflakes or doilies, by cutting shapes in origami paper. Cutting these always filled me with suspense, what would it look like. Well I tried to be a bit more sophisticated and looked at folklore love hearts for inspiration. After my eldest came home from school and saw the love hearts she was just as eager to give it a go, so yes you can do it together with your kids as well, I would use some bright coloured paper then.


  • magazine
  • scissors
  • glue
  • A4 white paper

Pick a magazine page, at first I was looking for a full page with letters, but I found one with lots of little pictures first. Fold it in half and cut out half a love heart on the folded side. I did it free hand, but feel free to put a pencil line on first. Now fold the love heart in half again from the point, the rounded side to the folded side (see photo). Now you get to cut out shapes, again free hand or pre drawn. Fold open the first fold and if you feel the heart needs to have another shape cut do that now. And the full paper cut heart can be revealed.

Don’t get rid of the pieces you cut out. After you glued down the heart on your white piece of paper, arrange the cut out shapes underneath. You can get really creative here. Once you are happy with your composition, glue these down as well and your little art work is done. Enjoy!

Or here some with bright paper:folklore paper cut hearts



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