We are still very much a paper book lovers household, but one thing I hate is what we Dutch call ezelsoren. Ezelsoren happen when people fold over the page to remember where they were. So we try to teach our girls to use a bookmark.

materials for origami bookmarkAs we are having holidays and strenuous exercise i.e. parks are still of the agenda, we take our refuge to crafts. And an easy hardly any mess kind of craft is origami. Combining the origami with the bookmark we made the following. Oh, yes this is a sophisticated one for mama, but kids can make all kinds of fun creatures.


  • square pieces of paper (any size will work)
  • optional for decoration pens, other paper, glue stick, googly eyes…

Take a square piece of paper in a patterned or colour paper that you love. If you have a patterned paper make sure that the pattern is face down. Now fold it over the diagonal into a triangle.  Bring both points on the long side up to the point at top, making a

square. Open the points back up and fold the top point down into the fold lines created by the previous step (also see photos). Fold the points on the long side back up and then into the pocket created by the down fold. When both points are in your bookmark is ready.

finished bookmarkDecoration of the bookmark can now commence. The girls made some monsters, while I took a complementary patterned paper and cut out a square. I glued that square into the bookmark for some extra stability and just because it looked pretty. Now I will never loose my place in my book again…


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