colour wheel

Colour Wheel

colour wheelI love colour, I love different shades of colour and the ultimate exercise is the colour wheel. You get to play with all the colours of the rainbow and learn how primary colours make secondary colours. I have been talking about that with my daughters from a young age already. Red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green and blue and red make purple. How adding white makes lighter tints and adding black makes darker shades.

It was at the diner table I found out that, what I thought was common knowledge, taught to you in kindergarten, turned out to be less common. My husband did not have this knowledge readily available. Now you can live without it quite well. It doesn’t keep you from living a full and meaningful life, but for somebody who loves colour like me it is wonderful knowledge.

As I have the daughters home from school we did this one together and used magazine pictures to fill in the colours. Using coloured magazine photos give the colours unexpected colour nuances. We drew our own colour wheel and started of with eight colour pie parts,finished colour wheel until I realised I made a mistake. This is why the parts have varied seizes. The pdf (160405 colour wheel) I made for you is of equal proportions and ready to be used. Have fun finding your perfect colours and enjoy the unexpected nuances.


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