fish pond

Paper Landscape: No Grass

After I put the background in on our little landscape last week, I knew it needed something else. I thought about grass and mentioned it, but it didn’t feel right.

pondWhat was the problem? The landscape wasn’t telling a story. The only character in the landscape is the cat. So what story can a cat tell…

Our cat loves the outdoor, she loves talking to the birds. But birds wouldn’t fill the ground, they would fill the tree. Another favourite animal of cats are fish and that is what I have opted for. Realising that you wouldn’t see it straight away I thought it would be a nice surprise when you study the landscape more closely.

I love working with paper. Mistakes are easily rectified, so here is what I did;materials


  • glue
  • magazine paper
  • scissors
  • paper landscape

The first thing I realised when I decided on the fish pond was that I had to relocate the cat so I took her of. Now I could estimate how big the pond could be. To realise depth I found 3 different pieces of magazine paper of different grades of the colour blue. I free form cut three ponds, each one a bit smaller. From a colourful photo I cut two little fish. Then I stuck everything down and repositioned the cat. I think its done, hope you enjoy it!

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