Butterfly Mobile

Do you evpaper animal mobileer have a plan and it fails. This is what happened with my butterfly mobile.

My daughter who is out of hospital is not yet allowed to do to many strenuous exercises. She has as a result taken to origami. All origami requires is a piece of paper, preferably colourful paper, but I have used magazine paper, by lack of anything else.

On Pinterest we found a butterfly that was simple enough to fold and we/she took of. (link here: butterfly) They were pretty and I felt that I needed to do something with them. Now a couple of years back I made a crane bird mobile for my other daughter, that I have always loved. As such the idea of a butterfly mobile rose. We went for a walk and found a stick that my husband cut to size and we were ready to assemble or so you would think.

materialsHow hard is it to make a butterfly float from a piece of string. Well in my case impossible. I have tried to find the middle of the butterfly, I have tried several points of attachment, I have tried stabilizing the butterfly with a toothpick and hanging the string from there…. If you have anymore ideas I can try let me know.

In the end to have my daughter enjoy her butterflies for longer I just glued them  directly to the branch with a hot glue gun. Not exactly as I expected, but cute none the less.


  • paper
  • scissors
  • stick/twig/branch
  • string
  • hot glue gun

If you have just rectangular pieces of paper have a look at the next series of pictures . Isn’t it wonderful how easy making a square piece of paper is.

Now follow the link I gave you earlier to make a bunch of butterflies. I have  a couple of pictures here, but the diagram on Printerest is much more clear and describing origami is hard, without knowing the terminology.

butterflies on stickTake your stick and your hot glue gun and arrange your butterflies on there. I have also hung one from its wing, to make it seem like it is flying. Attach some string to the ends of your stick so you can hang it. Enjoy!


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